🧠 HubSpot Rules Engine

Our last release note announced the new HubSpot integration. Building on this momentum we now have a HubSpot rules engine. 🎉

This allows customers with HubSpot to automatically approve requests and override NDAs based on custom rules using both standard and HubSpot-specific fields.

With this rules engine you can, for example: ✅ Auto-approve companies with a contract size above a threshold ✅ Auto-approve anyone not marked as a 'competitor' ✅ Override NDAs only if the NDA was signed in the last 6 months

Additional detail on setting up the integration can be found here. If you're interested in getting started with the rules engine, reach out to Customer Support.


📣 SOC 2 - Link to Easily Share

While each element within your Trust Center is easily sharable (simply select the 🔗 next to the doc or item), we heard from customers a desire to have a simple, clean, and direct URL specifically for the SOC 2 document.

Now [your_URL]/soc2 will take you directly to your SOC 2. This link is quick and easy to share with prospects and customers, or even linked in an email or email signature. Here is SafeBase's ***trust.safebase.io/soc2***

Beyond the new simple SOC 2 link, this also exists for [your_URL]/subprocessors if you have setup a subprocessor list. Want to see this for SafeBase, check out trust.safebase.io/subprocessors


💬 Before Submitting a Questionnaire - New Prompt for Accounts to Review Documents

One of the goals of every Smart Trust Center is to reduce custom questionnaires. In support of this - we have changed the flow for those customers who have enabled the "submit a questionnaire" button.

Now, when a prospect or customer selects this button they will first see a prompt to "Please review our documents first". The previous functionality of course still exits (upload a security questionnaire or submit a link), but less prominently to help guide accounts to self-serve answering their security questions first.


👥 New item 'Customer Audit Rights'

Now, within the Legal section you can provide details regarding your right to audit clause. This allows your team to further communicate your security posture and proactively answer questions.


🗓️ Coming soon

→ Trust Center Updates (TCU) categorization - make it easier for all stakeholders to quickly assess each update by assigning a category. Categories to include: compliance, incidents, subprocessors, and general.

→ Favorite entries in Knowledge Base (KB) - add a ⭐ to have an entry appear at the top of the list in both public and private views. To note, public KB is currently in beta. Check out this help article and please reach out if you want to get this up and running.

→ In-app PDF viewer - view documents directly in-app (versus having to download).

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