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✨ Integrate SafeBase with Jira


Create customized Jira tickets when access requests or questionnaires are submitted  on your Security Portal, giving more visibility and flexibility to your internal teams. Check out this help article to learn more about our Jira integration.

🚀 Even more new features

→ Customize the title of your Security Portal to align with your desired messaging. Find this setting in the tab Security Portal → Settings → Appearance.


→ Bypass NDA for accounts that have already signed an NDA. Use this setting if you track NDA status in Salesforce. Learn more in this help article under "NDA Bypass."


Note: this setting was previously available for companies that approve access requests automatically.

📆 Coming up

→ Rename portal cards and items to align with the language of your company.

→ Restrict access to your most sensitive documentation with granular access controls.

→ Add custom items to the Compliance card to feature unique certifications on your Security Portal.

Best, Team SafeBase 🌎🌍

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