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Step 1: Connect to DocuSign

Step 2: Select a template in DocuSign

<aside> 💡 In the template creation step, make sure to create a role called Signer and leave the Name and Email fields empty. This will allow you to drop placeholder blocks in the document during the next step, such as Company, Title, etc. Name and Email will usually autofill if you use the Standard Fields in the next step.


<aside> 💡 You can customize the open source Universal NDA (download file below) if you do not have an existing NDA template.


Universal NDA.docx

After hitting the Next button, you will be able to drag fields such as Signature, Name, Company, Title, etc.


After you hit Save and Close, this template should now be available to select in the SafeBase Settings page:


Proceed with the next steps only if you would like to test out the flow.

Step 3: Create a new account and require a NDA before viewing the private Security Portal

Step 4: You will receive a notification email from DocuSign and be prompted to complete the signing process